How to Change Your Nick Settings (General NickServ Guide)

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How to Change Your Nick Settings (General NickServ Guide)

Post by d0rkbunni » Tue Jul 31, 2018 2:37 pm

NickServ allows chatters to register a nickname and thus prevent others from using that nick.

The default settings of all new nick registrations at KinkstersChat is as follow:
  • - Hidemail ON
  • - Enforce ON
  • - Registration is dropped after 30 days of non-use

Below is a list of the commands available to you on NickServ, and further below we will go through the most used ones.

NickServ Commands
GHOST Reclaims use of a nickname.
GROUP Adds a nickname to your account.
IDENTIFY Identifies to services for a nickname.
INFO Displays information on registrations.
LISTCHANS Lists channels that you have access to.
REGISTER Registers a nickname.
RELEASE Releases a services enforcer.
SET Sets various control flags.
UNGROUP Removes a nickname from your account.


For more information about a specific command type /msg NickServ help [command]

When you connect to the network, you will be asked to identify to your nick within 30 seconds. If you fail to do so, your nick will be changed to Kinkster[randomnumbers].

You identify by typing: /ns identify [yourpassword]

Once you identify successfully you will get the following return from the server:

[23:58:48] -NickServ- Last login from: [your information] on Jul 31 21:14:51 2018 +0000.
[23:58:48] -NickServ- 4 failed logins since last login.
[23:58:48] -NickServ- Last failed attempt from: [information on the user that last attempted to identify and failed] on Jul 31 21:47:41 2018 +0000.
[23:58:48] * NickServ sets modes [Kinkster :+r]

If you did not identify in time, you may use the RELEASE command to regain the ability to change your nick back, and identify to it.

If you are not satisfied with 30 seconds to IDENTIFY you can change the time with the SET ENFORCETIME command. We recommend not setting the time to more than 60 seconds.

If you are using more than one nick on a regular basis, you are able to GROUP it to your account (your primary nick).

To GROUP simply change your nick to the nick you wish to group to your already registred nick, then type:

/ns identify [nickyouwantogroupto] [passwirdofnickyouwantogroupto]
/ns group

Please be aware that registrering nicks solely for the purpose of preventing someone else's legitimate use, is considered abuse of services, and will be sanctioned.

If you forget your password you have the option using SETPASS to get a key sent to your e-mail. With the use of the key, you will be able to reset your password, by typing: /ns SETPASS [nickname] [key] [password]

If you remember your password, and simply want to change it, type /ns SET PASSWORD [yournewpassword]

With AJOIN you can add which rooms you would like to automatically join upon identifying to your nick.
The commands for AJOIN are:

See channels on list: /ns AJOIN LIST
Add a channel: /ns AJOIN ADD #Channel
Delete a channel: /ns AJOIN DEL #Channel
Delete all channels: /ns AJOIN CLEAR
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