How to Read a Memo (General MemoServ Guide)

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How to Read a Memo (General MemoServ Guide)

Post by d0rkbunni » Tue Jul 31, 2018 2:39 pm

In order to get the most out of MemoServ, please make good use of the settings displayed below:

DELETE or DEL Deletes memos.
To delete a specific memo -> /ms del #
To delete all old memos -> /ms del OLD
To delete all memos -> /ms del ALL

FORWARD Forwards a memo.
You can forward memos to other chatters by typing -> /ms forward [Nickname] #

IGNORE Ignores memos.
Maintain an ignore list for which chatters can send you memos
To see your ignore list -> /ms ignore list
To add a chatter to ignore list -> /ms ignore add [Nickname]
To delete a chatter from your ignore list -> /ms ignore del [Nickname]
To delete all entries on your ignore list -> /ms ignore clear

LIST Lists all of your memos.
Lists all memos in your inbox -> /ms list

READ Reads a memo.
To read a specific memo -> /ms read #
To read new memos -> /ms read NEW

SEND Sends a memo to a user.
To send a memo -> /ms send [Nickname] [Message to send]
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