How to Register a Channel

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How to Register a Channel

Post by d0rkbunni » Tue Jul 31, 2018 2:39 pm

At KinkstersChat we welcome our chatters to create, and grow, their own channels

You are welcome to set the rules for your channel - just make sure that they do not contradict the KC Rules

Below we will run through the process of channel registration

Command to register:
/join #YourChannelName
(make sure that you have access on the channel)
/cs register #YourChannelName
After typing the above command you should get the following return from the server:
[10:30:14]  -ChanServ- KinkstersChat reviews every Channel Registration request.  Your request to register #YourChannelName has been received and should be reviewed shortly.
One a Services Admin has reviewed and approved your channel, you will receive the following (if you are online):
[10:32:47]  -MemoServ- You have a new memo from Services Admin (nick: Services Admin Nick) (1).
[10:32:47]  -MemoServ- To read it, type /msg MemoServ READ 1

[10:33:35]  -MemoServ- Memo 1 - Sent by Services Admin, Aug 01 08:32:47 2018 +0000
[10:33:35]  -MemoServ- ------------------------------------------
[10:33:35]  -MemoServ- Your registration request for #YourChannelName was approved.

Voila, you are now a card-carrying member and channel owner at KinkstersChat :-)

To see more ChanServ settings, click here
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