How to Request a vHost (General HostServ Guide)

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How to Request a vHost (General HostServ Guide)

Post by d0rkbunni » Tue Jul 31, 2018 2:41 pm

We offer virtual hosts (vanity hosts) at KinkstersChat, and you are welcome to request it through HostServ.


To request a vhost -> /hs request [Your.Host.Name]

Please be patient as Services Admin review your request.
Any and all vhost requests that mimics real domain names without documentation of ownership as well as breaches the KC rules will be rejected.


DROP Drops your assigned vhost.
To drop an assigned vhost -> /hs drop

GROUP Syncs the vhost for all nicks in a group.
To apply your assigned vhost to all your grouped nicks -> /hs group

OFF Deactivates your assigned vhost.
To tur your assigned vhost off -> /hs off

OFFERLIST Lists all available vhosts.
Display already preapproved vhosts offered by KC -> /hs offerlist

ON Activates your assigned vhost.
Activate your approved vhost -> /hs on

TAKE Take an offered vhost for use.
Assign a vhost from the offerlist -> /hs take [Offerlist vhost]
Please be aware that you might be sharing this vhost with other chatters.
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