Important rule changes - August 2018

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Important rule changes - August 2018

Post by KinkstersChat » Sun Aug 26, 2018 12:46 pm

Hi everyone!

When KinkstersChat came into existence in early 2012, it was born from the need to have a freely available chat-medium for chatters in the BDSM, fetish and kink lifestyles. We set out to be friendly, tolerant, non-draconian and encompassing, in the sense of setting as few rules as possible, trusting our chatters to know and adhere to the fabled beast of “common sense” and legality.

During these first 6 years, we’ve listened to you, we’ve tried to accommodate your wishes and create a community WITH you. Why? Because community and learning matters. It matters on many levels. It matters to us personally, in forming friendships, lending a shoulder, an ear or even brightening someone’s day by goofing around. It matters to the kink community, both short term and long term, which is why we try to participate in bringing knowledge to newcomers and oldtimers alike. It matters because kink done, or gone, wrong has serious impact and consequences, both for the individual and the community.

Uh oh, KC is doing it again! Changes are happening!! Some of our changes have already been implemented, others changes are being announced as you read this (read: read below). You may be on team “Fuck Your Changes, I’ll Kink As I Want” or on team “Things Really Need To Change”, but whoever you are, and whatever your reaction to our changes, we’d like to thank you for the time you’ve spent with us - and for the time you’re potentially gonna spend with us after our changes.

As you may have noticed, we’ve changed the settings on our channels, so you now need a registered nick to enter. The first channel we did this in, met the changes in a calm and reasonable manner, and we’d like to thank you for that. All you #FlirtyAndDirty’ers rock! The second channel we implemented it in…honestly, didn’t react well. We didn’t expect you all to be happy about it, but we did expect you to be adults about it, which granted, the majority did. But, as it always is, in the chaos of change dissent is the loudest voice. Accusations went flying, distrust was invoked and outrage of having “your” freedom revoked.

First of all; KC is, has always been, and will always be a private server. We invite you into our home, but make no mistake it is -our- home. We will decide where the furniture goes and who gets to sit in it. One of the ways we decide this is by setting rules we expect you to follow as a house guest, on top of being conscientious, friendly adults who engage in common sense. Most of you fit this bill (yay for you), however enough stuff goes down that we need to change…

As far as the changes in infrastructure go, we’re switching to a registration based chat. This means that going forward you’ll need a registered nick, verified by e-mail, to enter all channels on KinkstersChat, with the exception of the main lobby, #KinkstersChat and the help channel #Help. The reason for this change is our need to more effectively combat flooders, spammers, and people who do not follow our rules and engage in behaviour that is unacceptable.

Our sole purpose in asking for your e-mail is to be able to verify you as a user, and thus be able to block anyone (hopefully not you) who does not comply with our rules, or join with the sole purpose of spamming and flooding. We detest spam as much as the next person (as we are sure is clear by now), and so we will not randomly send you e-mails, nor will we breach your trust by sharing your information with 3rd parties. It is our belief that this change will grant the team at KC some much needed breathing space, that we can use for development and fun, rather than spending long hours doing cleanup and damage control.

As far as the changes in rules, we’ve made some decisions that you will either :thumbs up: or :thumbs down:. Both are valid choices and reactions. What is NOT a valid choice is polluting KC with your outrage at these changes. If you wish to air your thoughts our PMs are open and you are welcome to send us an e-mail, but we will not tolerate riots or the spreading of misinformation on the site.

We have a growing problem in regards to chatters who engage in some very questionable behaviour, primarily in regards to children and “child avatars”. You ALL know or should know that this is not acceptable behaviour, yet we set numerous bans on a daily basis.

So without further ado, from august (or when we switch to our updated servers), #Ageplayers will be shut down, and any ageplay outside of BDSM littleplay (eg Daddydom/babygirl, Mommydomme/babyboy etc) or ABDL play will be in breach of our rules. Chatters found to be using children as a prop will be removed, be it whether they ageplay as “child avatars” or ask about the children of other chatters (we already ban for the latter, and have for a long time). We’ve written up a guide to the rule changes, addressing at some length the issues we’ve faced and what we will allow and what we will not allow. Whilst we regret that we are no longer able to host ageplay on KC, it is, unfortunately, the only choice we are left with.

We expect that we will see a decrease of chatters as a result of these rule changes, as well as from the infrastructure changes, but we are prepared, and even OK with this. We regret that it may mean fewer role-playing partners for our chatters, at least for a little while, but we expect the quality may go up. These changes have been underway for quite some time now, and we have hesitated due to wanting to keep as many options as possible available for our chatters. However, it is now crystal clear to us, that allowing ageplay and #Ageplayers to continue will simply allow for a further pollution of what ageplay is supposed to be. In addition to this it is time we clean up our chat and we’d like to make it perfectly clear that we are a BDSM and fetish chat, first and foremost, with allowances for role-playing within those categories. KinkstersChat is not, and has never been, a role-playing server where anything goes.

To all of the chatters, who understand and support the decisions we’ve had to make, we would like to give you a heartfelt thank you and we look forward to chatting with you in the future and to make KC great again 😉 No really, it’ll be tremendous! (all puns aside, we believe that these changes will be for the better)

Your loveable, fuckable KinkstersChat

Outline of August 2018 changes at KC
(Fully in effect after the server update)

All channels set to +R (registered nick required to enter)
* A 10 minute wait before NickServ will accept your registration
* Registering a nick will require a valid e-mail address, used to verify your nick registration

Fun new services availabe
* Check out LoveServ, AnnounceServ and GameServ

Room relocation
* #Ageplayers is closing down, permanently and ageplay is disallowed
** BIGS, Middles and littles may go and play in #BigsAndLittles
** The ABDL lifestyle will be available at #ABDL

* #FlirtyAndDirty will be closed and its chatters are invited to go to the following rooms
** The role-players should join #RoleplayAdverts and #PublicRoleplay
** The chatters mostly goofing around and engaging in random kinky chats, should join #KinkCentral (which now allows emoting and roleplay actions but not full scenes. For that please go to #PublicRoleplay)

* If you love heated discussions (please still be respectful and nice), join #PoliticsSportsAndReligion, which features the 3 hot topics as well as conversations and rants about e-sports, games, movies and tv-shows and general geekiness

* #RapeBait will be renamed to #RoughNTumble to underline that we are dealing with consensual non-consent, not abuse

* #KinkstersChat and #Help are the only two channels without +R (you may enter either channel, without a registered nick)

Nicks promoting illegal activities are disallowed (more than they were)
* Any nick promoting pedophilia, incest, bestiality, drugs, suicide etc
* Any nick containing ages under 18
* Any nick containing realistic child-avatars (preteen, toddler, etc). Baby is still permitted so long as it it not meant as an age, as it falls under the DD/bg MD/bb BDSM dynamic.

Completely disallowing links (on a trial basis), except
* /
* Etsy
* Imgur
* Internal links
* Suggestions may be addressed to us in #Help or via e-mail