Triggers in chat

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Triggers in chat

Post by d0rkbunni » Sun Aug 26, 2018 4:19 pm

We have noticed, that the subject of "Triggers" has come up at KC rather more frequently than it ever has. When we first started KC, we never imagined that this would be a subject that we would have to cater for and so our view has never been explicitly expressed.

KinkstersChat is not a pre-moderated forum where public posts are pre-vetted by a moderator before being "approved" for public viewing. KC is a "live" chat and is a very social environment where people of all walks of life, ages, backgrounds, upbringings, lifestyles etc congregate to make new friends, chat with existing friends and be in a place where almost everyone has kink/fetish as a common interest.

Sometimes in chat, as in life, we hear (see) conversations that we may not necessarily have an interest in, or that isn't our "kink" and sometimes we hear (see) a conversation that may remind us of a bad time in our life that may also "trigger" us.

If a subject triggers you, please just step away from the conversation for a while, or close the window until later on. Please don't make a fuss in main about it as it can create a room disruption that is unpleasant for all to be exposed to.

For those that feel that they shouldn't have to "ignore" what "triggers" them, please consider this following analogy:

You walk into a bar, with a friend, get a drink each and go and sit down at a table. At the table next to you, there is a couple talking and one is in tears telling their friend about a terrible situation that happened to them.
The subject that is being discussed reminds you of a similar bad experience that happened to you and it "triggers" you. What do you do? Do you ...
  • a) Walk over to the couple and demand that they stop the conversation immediately, as it is triggering you and you are now upset.
  • b) Attract the attention of a staff member and request that they go over to the couple and instruct them to cease their conversation.
  • c) Pick up your drink, move table and get on with your evening.
We would hope that you'd act in an adult manner (as required in our /rules) and choose option C and this is how we require you to act if a subject arises in one of our channels that "triggers" you.

Please refrain from calling "trigger" to attempt to have a discussion or debate, that you dislike, closed down.

From now on, people making a fuss about triggers (other than the intellectual discussion of triggers) will be moderated to remind them not to create a disruption. Anyone jumping to "defend" someone else who is "triggered" because of a conversation that is happening in one of our official rooms will also be moderated to remind them not to create a room disruption.
because I fucking said so! :P (geek)

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